Carriers Trust Inlayer

We have some of the largest carriers in the world as customers, we understand carrier requirements.

Working with multiple business units on multi-layered architecture that require careful thought, SLAs and a structured POC are all part of our Carrier onboarding process. We know how to work with carriers and we welcome those relationships.


Holistic Endpoint Management

From mobile software provisioning to network equipment, Inlayer enables a holistic approach to endpoint management. 

  • Softphone provisioning, supporting most major brands.
  • Modems and Access Points (coming soon).
  • Desk Phones from most major vendors.
  • Videoconferencing equipment and endpoints.

Customized Solutions & White Glove Treatment

Every carrier requires a unique approach to integrating, migrating and deploying services, we will ensure your requirements are met.

  • Planning and Design
    We mandate a rigorous POC (Proof Of Concept) to determine exactly what your requirements are aligned with timelines.
  • Customizations and APIs
    Enjoy access to our REST APIs to build the solution into your offer with our help.
  • White Glove Customer Success
    We will be with your teams every step of the way ensuring any obstacles are addressed and cleared in an expedient manner.