Device Provisioning
& Management

This is where Inlayer cut its teeth. We know Device Provisioning like no other in the business.

If you have hundreds, thousands or millions of devices that you need to either Migrate to your network or manage on the current systems, we have the tools and services you need.


MACs En Masse

Perform MACs (Moves, Adds, and Changes) to many devices with ease. Configure and provision all of your Devices using a single, unified interface. Stop editing configuration files by hand or configuring devices via the Web GUI on the device.

  • Templates allow administrators to configure common settings using the same familiar interface. Templates can be applied to a single device or across an entire deployment with ease.
  • Raw configuration through our Custom Configuration feature provides ultimate flexibility.

Visual Device Manager

The Visual Device Manager makes device key / button customization easy! Our drag-n-drop UI gives users a simple way to customize their device without the need for a technician or on-site visit.

  • Empower Users
    Provide a consistent interface for self serve device management that reduces support calls 
  • Centralized Management
    Manage all your devices as seen by the user in one interface, driving efficiency in your organization.

Deliver a better experience, your customers deserve it.