The Connected Campus and Online Learning.

Never before has communications played such a vital role in learning. Lectures, classes and workshops are all being delivered online, at least in part. How is your school managing all those devices and endpoints? Inlayer has the answers.


Campus Device and Remote Endpoint Management

One interface / API for all device and endpoint management.

  • MACs (Moves, Adds, Changes) are attended to with ease.
  • TLS registrations ensure secure connections of all connected communications devices.
  • Support for many devices from many vendors.
  • Software updates over the air (OTA).

& Customization

Integrate device purchasing, provisioning and self-serve management from within your own learning applications.

  • Turn-key Device Procurement
    Inlayer can provide (on request) a complete ordering and procurement dashboard we can integrate into your portal for you.
  • Organize
    Organize devices into schools, departments, grades, classes, in your brand and colors.
  • Monitor & Update
    Drive down support costs and elevate the customer experience with remote monitoring and OTA  (Over the air) updates.

Deliver a better experience, your customers deserve it.