Removing friction for Enterprise

Our tools and processes will enable your organization to become even more productive and efficient.

It starts with a discovery consultation, followed by a proven Proof Of Concept (POC)  program that when complete (30 days) will provide your organization with a detailed plan for your production deployment on the Inlayer platform.


Migrations & Integrations

Enterprise organizations will enjoy valuable features for migrating muilt-vendor endpoints and services from existing service sand networks to the Inlayer platform.

  • Cisco Broadworks / Broadcloud
  • Polycom Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • Polycom PDMSP
  • Yealink Provisioning
  • Custom (If we don't do it today, we may be able to add it for you)

Unified Administration

One Portal to rule them all. No more swivel chair, now you can use the same interface and APIs for all your devices.

  • Hierarchical White Label Interface
    Your brand, your customer's brand and your customer's customers brand. All white labeled.
  • Vendor Agnostic
    Regardless who the vendor is, we either support it already or we can add support for your endpoints in most cases.