IoT (coming soon)

Inlayer is working on the next generation of our services that will leverage existing industry IoT management systems to deliver a homogeneous platform where all your devices share the same provisioning tooling and interface.

Spend less time on a swivel chair moving between systems and more time deploying devices and new features for your customers..


Enabling your customers, one smart home at a time

Smart home, industry automation, mobile integration can all be managed through our next generation management platform. We support all the the major IoT Cloud services. 

  • Amazon AWS IoT
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub
  • Google IoT Core

Register, Organize, Monitor and Manage

Inlayer takes the much same approach to IoT devices management that we do with most connected devices supported on the platform. 

  • Register
    Use pre-made templates and policies (or create your own) to quickly register endpoints in your fleet of devices.
  • Organize
    Inlayer supports multi-layer hierarchy so you can arrange your fleet by business orgs, geographical location, branch, department etc.
  • Monitor & Update
    Monitor your devices and send OTA (Over the Air) updates, such as firmware releases or configuration changes.
  • One API and Portal
    You may leverage several systems for your IoT, VoIP and Network device management, now you can leverage Inlayer to manager all your devices in one API suite.

Deliver a better experience, your customers deserve it.