Information Technology

Removing friction for IT.

A single platform for all connected devices, that is what Inlayer can do for your IT organization. VoIP, Network and soon IoT devices can all be managed through one set of APIs or through the white labeled portal.


Integrated APIs

Many service providers and enterprise operations utilize Inlayer's APIs to integrate advanced tooling into their own Dashboards and Portal using the same workflow for multiple device types, providing:

  • Increased efficiency.
  • A single source of truth.
  • Simplified training for new employees.
  • Hierarchy for multi-level structures.

Role based Permissions

Provide your users with self-serve utilities available in code snippets or directly from the Inlayer portal.

  • Reduce Support Calls
    User that help themselves are users that will help others.
  • Happier Users
    Increase employee and customer satisfaction by empowering users to solve problems quicker.
  • Improved KPIs
    Drive up your NPS and CSAT numbers by reducing tickets and the time it takes to solve issues.

Deliver a better experience, your customers deserve it.