Real Estate

RE Agents have always been some of the more connected workers, now that's more evident than ever before.

Agencies are expanding quickly with tremendous pressure on the IT groups to deliver a myriad of technology to ultimately aid in the sales of property. Inlayer takes the stress out of of endpoint management so your IT resources can focus on more revenue-related tasks.


Virtual Meetings

Many properties are now being sold "site unseen", meaning the buyers never actually see the property in-person. Instead, these virtual showings are performed online. Inlayer helps ensure the devices are connected and ready for business.

  • Secure registration.
  • Real-time registration status.
  • Firmware updates are delivered OTA (Over the Air)

Integration and Customization

Your agents are not IT professionals, they do not know which devices they require or how to set them up at their remote offices. Inlayer (on request) can create a complete procurement solution. 

  • Ordering and Inventory
    Your users simply select the device they want and checkout, we handle the rest.
  • Integration
    This solution can be integrated into your existing portal, or white label our portal, the choice is yours.

Deliver a better experience, your customers deserve it.